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Are You On The Hunt For The Best Stable Mats?

If you want to help keep your horse warm this winter, rubber mats will help to insulate their stable. They will also reduce the amount of time it takes to muck-out.

Horses are beautiful and wonderful creatures which deserve love and care. Here at Midlands Matting, we’re passionate about all things horses and want to supply you with competitively priced but high quality mats.

Midlands Matting is not only a leading supplier of quality stable mats, we also offer a first-class installation service.

Since rubber mats are softer and safer than other surfaces, they’re increasingly popular with horse enthusiasts. They are also more hygienic and produce less dust.

Built to last and made of solid rubber, the best stable mats will not be artificially pumped up with air or filler. This comes guaranteed with our products.

Designed to be water-resistant, these high quality stable mats will encourage a dry environment. Our rubber stable matting is tough, easy to clean and won’t accumulate bad smells as easily. With winter on the way, now is a great time to invest in this type of matting.

Rubber stable mats will reduce the risk of injury to your horse and lead to less wear and tear on the hooves. During winter, they will help to insulate the stable.

If you’re looking for the best stable mats, explore our latest collection today. Or simply contact us for more details.

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