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How do you decide which stable mat to buy?

A rubber mat. How complicated can it be?

A sheet of rubber 6’ x 4’ usually. Must all be the same right?

You probably noticed as well that there is quite a variation in price?

We source all our mats from a few long-established suppliers in India using rubber from sustainably managed plantations.

The resulting quality is very noticeable. The mats are solid and very dense. Each mat weighs around 40kilos

Once laid and fitted in a stable, they don’t easily move.

Which brings me on to the question of “to seal” or “not to seal”?

We don’t recommend sealing. For sure there are some advantages, but we feel the disadvantages outweigh the plus points.

Many of our customers are not owners of stables. They are renting at a yard. For one reason or another they decide to change yards one day, and they want to take their investment in quality matting with them.

Hard to do if they are sealed and fixed.

And that brings me to the biggest disadvantage about sealing. Sure, it’s a great idea if it works 100%. Nothing can get through and it’s an easy clean on the top surface.

But what if a crack develops? A small break, caused, for example, by a horse pawing the mats. It’s a system designed to fail in our opinion.

And when it fails, you won’t know, but the break in the seal will cause urine to seep under the mats, and if never cleaned, will start to harbour bacteria and disease (and smell!).

We recommend dry fitting your mats.

We offer a custom fitting service which ensures that your mats fit into the stable perfectly. They won’t move or lift.

And depending how often the stable is used, we recommend an annual spring cleaning (in the case the stable is used year-round).

We can help with that as well if you wish. We will come and remove all the mats; power wash them and the floor and refit – all fresh and good as new.

We offer a “no quibble” 5-year guarantee on all our mats. We are confident that with just a little care and attention, they can last for many, many years after that.

So, for us, not all stable mats are equal. We believe our offer of top-quality matting together with our friendly advice and customer service, means that you can be confident that you are investing in the best value for you and your equine friend.

Call us or send us an email to discuss your requirements.


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