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Treat Your Horse With Our Heavy Duty Stable Mats

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Want to make your horse’s stable more hygienic, with less unwanted dust?

There are many benefits to introducing rubber mats to your horse’s stable, including the fact they reduce problems like dust, mould and mildew.

SInce they also mean you’ll need less bedding, stable mats save you money in the long-run. Providing exceptional insulation and comfort, they’re brilliant for making your horse’s environment more comfortable. Since they’re heavy duty, our rubber stable mats are also extremely long lasting.

Keep your stable warm, dry and hygienic this winter.

These rubber stable mats are easy to install and offer a safe, non-slip surface for muddy stables and yards. That makes it less likely accidents happen for riders or horses.

Our mats are just one of the many quality equestrian products we have at Midlands Mattings. As passionate about horses as you are, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best products on the market.

Among our range is this 12mm Stable Mat which is made of high quality Indian rubber. Soft, durable and long-lasting, it’s an excellent investment for your horse. They have a hammer top design with grooved drainage channels underneath.

We also have this Antique Fatigue Mat which is currently on sale. Ideal for placing in entrances, it can be placed outside a building to prevent mud and debris causing problems.

Find out more about our heavy duty stable mats or simply drop us a line today.

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