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10 Reasons To Love Our Stable Mats

1 Save Money OK, so there is an initial cost, but our stable mats will save you tons of money in horse bedding costs alone. Some people suggest that you only need around 20% of the bedding you would need without stable matting

2 Long Lasting Our mats are built to last. They are solid natural rubber. They are NOT artificially pumped up with air or filler. They are robust and designed to last for years. Ok – they are heavy – but that’s the trade-off for quality.

3 Hygenic and less dust Straw and other bedding materials can house a variety of unwanted materials, anything from mould and mildew to urine and dust. Rubber mats eliminate that potential almost completely.

4 Insulation and Comfort Stable mats cushion hard concrete floors and make it more comfortable for horses. The mats also decrease the pressure on the horse’s legs. They also provide some underfoot insulation for the horses, protecting from the cold and damp in wint

5 Easy to install Stable mats avoid the problem of needing to dig up the ground and re-level it. They could be an easy, safe solution for field shelters for example or old stables where there is no hard surface at all.

6 Stabe surface (pun intended) Stable matting stops horses digging at the ground if your stables do not have a hard floor. Rubber matting also reduces the risk of your horse pawing through its bedding to expose the concrete.

7 Less mucking out Mucking out is not what most horse lovers consider to be the highlight of their day. Once our stable mats are installed, the time for stable cleaning reduces dramatically. Storage space needed for bedding can be considerably reduced and the size of your muck-heap will also be much smaller too.

8 Safe, non-slip protection Horses can easily slip, especially in muddy stables and yards. Additionally, concrete floors present a particularly hazardous surface for your horse. Rubber matting offers non-slip protection and a more familiar footing for your horse, with a similar grip quality to that of natural ground.

9 Dry Rubber matting is specifically designed to be water resistant, ideal for allowing a drier environment for your horses. Even if your horses do get wet, rubber matting is still easy to clean and it can dry in a surprisingly short amount of time.

10 Less smelly Who doesn’t like protection against foul odours? Especially in stables! Typically, with traditional bedding such as straw and wood-shavings, odour can cling to it creating a lingering smell that is unpleasant for all. Our matting, in comparison, allows for effective drainage and greatly reduces odours.

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