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Check Out Our Collection Of Quality Equine Disinfectants

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Keeping your horse’s stable as clean and hygienic as possible. This is essential for keeping it free from the risk of dangerous bacteria.

Although mucking out regularly makes a big difference, it’s important that surfaces don’t have a buildup of dirt and grime. Keeping stables clean involves both cleaning and disinfecting stalls effectively. Not doing this properly can lead to your horse having a range of problems, such as thrush, cellulitis, breathing problems and issues with their skin.

Midlands Mattings not only have the finest quality rubber matting but a range of disinfectants at competitive prices.

Among our range of equine disinfectants is this 1L spray and wipe pine based cleaner. Perfect for cleaning a majority of hard surfaces, it has a fully adjustable trigger spray, making it easy to use. Priced at only £17.99, this is just one of the many premium equine products we have to choose from.

Our rubber mats are also ideal for keeping your stable as salubrious as possible. Buy from Midlands Matting and you’ll be purchasing from a team who love horses and are passionate about helping your care for your animal.

If you need more details on any of our products, our supportive team is happy to help.

Why not check out our latest range of equine disinfectant products? Or simply contact our team for more information.

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