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Order The Finest Quality Equine Supplies Online

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Looking for a gift for a horse lover this Christmas?

All horse owners know how special these animals are. Here at Midlands Matting we believe horses deserve the finest possible care and attention.

Whatever equine supplies you might be looking for, you’ll find a great choice on our website. We have everything from rubber mats and yard accessories to disinfectants, supplements and tendon boots.

Keen to install rubber matting before the winter starts to bite?

One of our most important products is our rubber stable mats. These are perfect for saving you money on horse bedding. Highly hygienic and creating less dust, they can keep your horse’s stable well-insulated this winter. Rubber mats prevent unwanted materials like mould and mildew accumulating.

Midlands Matting is passionate about bringing you the best equine supplies online. We have a great range of products to keep your horse happy and healthy.

We also offer cleaning and fitting services for our rubber mats. Our friendly team is also happy to offer expert advice on horse care.

Our latest arrivals include this Hay Ball which is a brilliant toy for a horse and stimulates their natural grazing position. Hay balls are particularly ideal for horses that are prone to laminitis, or those that need to slow down their eating.

If you’re looking for equine supplies online, simply explore our latest collections today.

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